Eat a good breakfast!!! We will provide a snack and juice at 11:30.  If you have something you want to bring for a snack that can last,  please feel free to bring as well.
What to Bring
1. Backpack.  Remind Kids to remember their belongings (Put name on everything)
2. Light Color Clothing.  Boys bathing suit trunks to wear as shorts, Girls wear suits under clothing to make it easy.
3. Sun-Block.  Before you leave home,  apply waterproof to last at  least 4 hours.
4. Hat or Sun-glasses. Recommended
5. Tennis Sneakers and Socks.
6. Tennis Racquet.  Please let Tom know if you need to borrow and return at end of day.
7. Notify Kris of any allergies to food or insects at Check-in. Please also put a note in back-pack.

Please go over these rules with your kids:

1, When using restrooms always go with a partner.

2. When on court, always listen to the pro and no talking back.

3. No Swearing.

4. No fighting with other children and keep hands to yourself.

5. When holding racquet, keep it down unless swinging at a ball.

6. Only hit balls when playing or being fed to you by pro.

7. Drink lots of water.